Selling with AI

How to sell faster and better using tomorrow's technology today

Is this you?


If you’re a salesperson you might recognise some (or all!) of these


  • Your prospects aren't biting

    No response to your outbound

  • Your customers aren't motivated to change

    You aren't creating urgency

  • You are feeling under pressure¬†

    From your organisation (and yourself)

  • You are getting hammered in negotiation¬†

    It feels like you are losing every time

  • You can't explain ROI

    Your solution is great... but the CFO is never impressed

  • You are getting ghosted¬†

    Why won't they reply!?!


These things happen... and they can be avoided!

I want to avoid this

Avoid the Top 5 Struggles in Selling Today  


Time with customers is precious 

Don't waste it!

Focus on 

  1. Finding real customer challenges they will spend money on 

  2. Getting their attention and willingness to talk 

  3. Discussing the stuff they care about and making it convert 

  4. Creating urgency to move ahead 

  5. Closing deals - and developing business - faster 

The Two Vital Elements to Sales  Success


There are two ways to overcome the struggles

  • Using a solid¬†framework
    Process, methodology, playbook, plan
    Whatever you call it you need a solid foundations

  • Augmenting your thinking
    Our role today is to help customers to think 
    This is based on robust preparation

Using AI can help you do this more effectively

No more struggles

Augment your approach with AI


Are you ready to implement ways of working that raises your thinking and your selling

Course Overview


The course built around the VALUE Framework

Validate - How to check fit for doing business 

Align - How we can work together 

Leverage - How to make a sales approach

Underpin - How to present, prove and agree

Evolve - How to develop the business 

Augment me

All You Need To Harness the Power of AI


Whats included:


- Comprehensive introduction to using AI in sales

- Guide to 'conversational prompting'

- 8 modules covering the whole sales process

- 62 'What and How' lessons and prompts

- Bonus: 25 sales related 'RAPID Research' prompts

- Bonus: Understanding financial models and ROI module

- Bonus: Free access to FredAI sales coach

Use the programme to guide you through a REAL LIFE sales opportunity generating more insight for yourself and customers than ever before in a fraction of the time 

Develop an unfair advantage NOW!

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What is included in each module

Are you ready?

Gain valuable insights and an action plan to improve your 'Selling with AI'

All for just £150 +VAT

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Meet Your Guides

Fred Copestake


Fred is is an experienced consultant specializing in the field of sales,¬†leadership and performance.¬†‚Äč

His unique style allows him to release the potential from his clients¬†through the ability to understand context and generate insight as well as¬†stimulate and encourage active participation.‚Äč

Fred has worked in more than 35 countries delivering projects that range from implementing a European academy for a leading beer brand, developing sales skills in the Middle East for global healthcare companies, and introducing account development and sales leadership models in Latin America and Europe for IT and engineering multinationals.

As a result of working with over 10,000 sales people he has been able to understand the challenges they face and develop means to address these using a blend of modern tools and techniques and established best practice.¬†‚Äč

As someone always focusing on the desired outcomes, Fred‚Äôs approach¬†sees him work with his clients to discover new and more powerful ways¬†of how they can do business, build mutually beneficial relationships with¬†their customers and increase revenue.‚Äč

Fred is a¬†bestselling author of two books¬†‚ÄúHybrid Selling‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúSelling Through¬†Partnering Skills‚ÄĚ.

He is¬†host of the ‚ÄúSales Today‚ÄĚ weekly podcast and a regular guest and speaker at leading industry events.

His vision for the sale profession is to have 'good people doing good things in a good way'‚Äč



Moeed Amin


Moeed is Founder and Director of Proverbial Door a consultancy that delivers science-backed and extensive research to elevate sales persuasion skills.

40% of buyers believe the sales professional is untrustworthy and 25% of buyers believe that our profession is "morally and ethically challenged". (Ouch!) 

Sales professionals must raise their standards now more than ever. Moeed is on a mission to help companies raise their sales standards and advance the way they do business with their clients. 

With 15 years of experience as a high-performing sales professional, leader, trainer, and coach he has found that the best businesses are those that are truly customer-centric. It is a common term but, having spoken to thousands of companies, he has found less than 1% are truly customer-centric in their commercial approach. 

His view on sales training. is that here are so many techniques out there it becomes confusing and risky for business leaders to select the right techniques.

You want to make sure that the time and money you spend are going to give you ROI.

He is not wedded to my preferential techniques; only interested in what is proven to work.

All techniques he teaches have been thoroughly tested with 400 B2B buyers across 10 industries and each is also grounded in the Neuroscience behind HOW and WHY people make decisions.