Collaborative Selling

Designed for professional B2B salespeople to develop a modern approach to winning business

Making training accessible for everyone

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Add structure to your selling!


This stripped back training is designed to introduce anyone with commercial responsibility to Collaborative Selling

Developing a modern approach to selling by understanding and using the things that work today

Ideal for small businesses and individuals taking responsibility for their personal growth

What’s included?

Suitable for individuals and teams the materials have been developed to encourage learning and sales activity that wins business IN REAL TIME

Training gives access to:

  • Video training modules
    (5 hours of classroom style tuition to apply VALUE Framework)

  • Blueprint for success
    (Template to work with real life customers)

  • Kickstarter 
    (25 videos - 25 days of reflection)

  • B1G1 donation
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Training for everyone...

In August 2022 Brindis Founder Fred Copestake decided 'enough was enough' 

Frustrated with how many salespeople were not being prepared to deal with the changes they now face he made a commitment to do something about it

The Collaborative Selling Blueprint is the latest and most accessible version of understanding the VALUE Framework

All salespeople should be have a option for learning modern selling

I'm fed up with it now.
Sales people are being hung out to dry.
Come on, look.
The world of sales is changing. It's changing faster than ever before.
Yet sales people aren't being prepared to deal with this.
Now I get it, some don't understand and aren't wanting to make the changes themselves, but some do and sales management and their companies aren't helping them with this.
It's not right.
You're setting people up to fail.
I can't stand by and let this happen.
So I'm gonna do something about it.
I'm not sure exactly what yet, but I know that what I can do is take the material from the Collaborative Selling Accelerator and make it way more accessible for more people.
We're gonna do that somehow.
My team are gonna love me for this, making the commitment for it now.
Watch this space.
We're gonna get this stuff out for people so that they have got a fair crack at getting the results that they're looking for.

Fred Copestake 15 August 2022

Selling has evolved

Chronology of sales focus

‘50s – Process

‘60s – Personality

’70s – Benefits

‘80s – Closing

‘90s – Needs

‘00s – Value

‘10s – ‘Sales Stature’

’20s – Collaboration

Today’s success is based on being:

  • More focused and effective in selling activity
  • More modern in approach and technique
  • More aligned to own, organisational and customer goals

The world of sales has changed

Evolution and revolution has led to some common modern sales challenges

‘Busy Busy Busy

– this is being ineffective. It results in wasted opportunities, is tiring and stressful and means the focus is on the wrong activities to deliver results

‘Olde Worlde

 – this is being old fashioned. It is when salespeople are too self-centred rather than customer focused, too technical in their approach or use bad techniques better suited to a bygone era of selling

‘Muddled Mindset’

 – this is being misaligned. It can happen at organisation, management and individual level and means that the confusion leads to frustration and wasted effort

Do these affect you? 

Without addressing these individuals and organisations will get left behind by those that do understand and act now

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You can change

Counter  ‘Busy Busy Busy’ by become more effective.

  • Prepare to make the most of opportunities
  • Plan to balance work to reduce stress 
  • Process to focus on the right activity

Counter ‘Olde Worlde’ by getting up to date.

  • Flip attention to the world of the customer
  • Follow an approach that identifies issues rather than forces a solution
  • Focus on things that actually work rather than old school tricks

Counter ‘Muddled Mindset’ by creating better alignment through

  • Clarity within the organisation
  • Coaching by management
  • Confirming for individuals that their approach is consistent with top performance

You can be part of the movement using modern thinking, tools and technology to make a difference in sales and be proud to move the profession forward in the modern era

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Collaborative Selling Blueprint is built around the VALUE Framework

Validate - Find the right people to do business with

Align - Research and prepare to work effectively together 

Leverage - Use information to have intelligent sales conversations

Underpin - Create powerful proposals and presentations

Evolve - Plan to develop the relationship and grow the business

Accelerated Learning

Learning curve – the steeper the better because means faster time to results

The Collaborative Selling Blueprint is designed to give smoother ‘speed to competence’ – it balances fast with effective.

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Designed by professionals for professionals

Fred Copestake is Founder of Brindis, a sales training consultancy

Over the last 22 years he has travelled round the world 14 times visiting 36 countries working with 10,000 salespeople

Using this to understand the challenges salespeople face he has taken what really makes a difference in modern selling and used these in his book 'Selling Through Partnering Skills’.

These ideas form the basis of his work with sales professionals involved in complex B2B sales to develop their approach and ensure it is up to date and has maximum impact.

Aware of the unprecedented speed of change in the world of sales in his second book 'Hybrid Selling' he addressed how salespeople can adapt and evolve their approach to avoid becoming irrelevant. This quickly went to number one on Amazon after it’s launch.

He has a strong belief that people can get better through learning and sharing, and that with better collaboration we can all really make a difference.


Brindis is a specialist sales performance consultancy run by consultants for clients.

By having direct interaction with stakeholders we are better able to deliver required outcomes more effectively.

We are all about ‘performance enhancement’ for the people we work with and all over the world Brindis has worked with clients to improve the results of both individuals and teams.

The premise is simple, ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got’.

By identifying the things to change to achieve maximum impact Brindis can help deliver the outcomes desired by sales people, managers and the organisation in general.

Change by chance or chance to change…?

Make a decision that will affect your future sales


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Brindis supports B1G1 giving projects

For every participant we will make a donation do that a less privileged person can also learn 

Imagine if you could change lives every day just by doing what you do…