Selling at C-Level

How to sell more and win higher value deals by selling to senior executives

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We’ve put hundreds of hours of work, drawing on a combined 70+ years of sales, business and training experience, to make “How to Sell at C-Level” the ultimate guide to succeeding at two very basic but critical steps in the sales process:


1. Getting meetings with senior decision makers in high value target prospects

2. Ensuring those meetings are as effective as possible


It costs from $1,000 to $5,000 to get a meeting with a key decision maker in a target account. But those senior executives say more than 80% of such meetings are a waste of their time, bringing them no value.

We help you get lots of such meetings and make sure the person you’re meeting with sees it as valuable and you as an authority.

We’ve tried to be comprehensive and we’ll regularly add new segments and bonus materials. But we’re human so we’ve probably left gaps.

Gaps you can help us fill.

As a beta tester you’ll get early access to the entire program. You’ll be able to ask questions, attend group meetings online and give us feedback to help us make it even better. You’ll:


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    You can use everything in it immediately to schedule more meetings and maximise their effectiveness – and you can ask any questions that arise as you do.

  • Contribute to the further development of the program (with credit)

    We’ll add bonus materials & segments based on your requests and everyone who helps will be credited.

  • Be able to provide live feedback

    We will run a number of live sessions (UK time and US time) via the online group where you can give feedback and share ideas. We’ll record these sessions and add them to the overall program (with your permission).

  • Have all your questions answered

    If you can’t attend the live sessions and/or have extra questions there will be an on-line forum where you can ask them and get answers from Fred, & Steve

  • Become part of an exclusive group of Sales Leaders & Sales Executives

    Every beta tester will have lifetime access to the program AND an online forum where you can all talk to us and each other, acting as a C-Level Sales Mastermind group.

  • Work directly with us to make it the best C-level sales program in the known universe

    You’ll also have direct access to Fred and Steve via email, LinkedIn and phone for any questions you want to ask outside a group setting.

  • Receive a very special pre-launch price

    The launch price for the program will be £150. That’s less than the cost of one executive meeting, so we won’t be reducing it at a later date – in fact we’ll probably increase the price as we add more.

    But as a beta tester you’ll receive all of this for Free!

    (We may offer quantity discounts for companies that buy multiple copies – but as a beta tester you’ll still pay less than them.)
  • Have fun.

    This is not a slickly produced program. It’s very much WYSIWIG – What You See Is What You Get – two people who are passionate about helping salespeople sell more effectively to executives.

    And two people who are having fun in the process.

    We firmly believe people learn more if they find the material interesting, stimulating and fun. We speak in plain English about stuff that works and we keep it as simple as possible.

    If you want stuffy, professionally produced, training with lots of impressive jargon and diagrams that look like a map of the London Tube that’s been in a spaghetti fight, this isn’t for you.

    If you want to have fun while boosting your sales it probably is.

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Big Ticket Sales Gamble


If you’re not selling to the people who make and approve the final decision you’re taking a big risk.

You can spend months – and a lot of effort and money – chasing and forecasting a big deal, only for someone you’ve hardly ever met to say “no” at the last minute.

If you sell big ticket items you MUST sell at C-Level because:

  1.  They can kill a deal on a whim
  2.  They can change suppliers based on a line in a spreadsheet
  3.  A brilliant relationship at operational level can be meaningless at C-Level
  4.  You don’t want a third party to make your case for you
  5.  Poor C-level access is a major cause of lost deals
  6.  Birds of a feather flock together – if you’re endorsed by a C-Level executive you gain more credibility
  7.  They set strategy
  8.  They determine priorities
  9.  They set budgets and determine timeframes
  10.  You win bigger, more profitable deals – faster
  11.  You keep customers longer and reduce or eliminate churn
  12.  You can qualify out faster if you have no chance

The Two Big Problems


There are two huge problems when you try to sell at C-Level

  • Gaining access
    It’s getting harder and harder (and more expensive) to secure meetings with senior decision makers. It costs between $2,000 and over $5,000 to secure one C-Level meeting when all factors are taken into account.

  • Making that access count
    Surveys show that senior decision makers say 85% of the sales meetings they take are a waste of time and add no value.

It’s hard enough, and expensive enough, to get an executive meeting without wasting more than four in five of them – burning your chances of selling to that company in the foreseeable future in the process.

Stack the odds in your favour 

A simple but effective strategy


  1.  Clarify your Ideal Customer Profile

  2.  Identify specific companies that fit that profile

  3.  Decide which executive roles you need to reach

  4.  Identify which specific people in your target companies are in those roles

  5.  Work out their most pressing issues and priorities (that you can help with)

  6.  Develop a message about their most pressing issues and priorities

  7.  Deliver the message by the best channels so they see, understand and act on it

  8.  Schedule meetings where you either:

 - Identify genuine sales opportunities addressing issues that the senior executives in your prospect really care about, or

 - Nurture the executives for future opportunities so when they are ready, you are too

 - Confirm there are no current opportunities and move on to the next prospect.

 9.  Recruit the C-Level or senior executives as champions/coaches to guide you through the sales/buying process.


Meet Your Guides

Fred Copestake

Fred is is an experienced consultant specializing in the field of sales, leadership and performance. 

His unique style allows him to release the potential from his clients through the ability to understand context and generate insight as well as stimulate and encourage active participation.

Fred has worked in more than 35 countries delivering projects that range from implementing a European academy for a leading beer brand, developing sales skills in the Middle East for global healthcare companies, and introducing account development and sales leadership models in Latin America and Europe for IT and engineering multinationals.

As a result of working with over 10,000 sales people he has been able to understand the challenges they face and develop means to address these using a blend of modern tools and techniques and established best practice. 

As someone always focusing on the desired outcomes, Fred’s approach sees him work with his clients to discover new and more powerful ways of how they can do business, build mutually beneficial relationships with their customers and increase revenue.

Fred is bestselling author of two books “Hybrid Selling” and “Selling Through Partnering Skills”. He is host of the “Sales Today” weekly podcast and a regular guest and speaker at leading industry events.

His vision for the sale profession is to have 'good people doing good things in a good way'​

Steve  Hall

Steve is Managing Director of Executive Sales Coaching Australia, is recognised as Australia’s leading authority on Selling at C-Level.

He has won Top Sales Awards in the Best Sales Video, Best Sales Webinar and Best Sales Podcast categories.

In 2019 he was named one of the Top 50 Keynote Speakers by Top Sales Magazine, for which he’s a regular contributor. He’s appeared as a guest on many of the leading sales podcasts.

Prior to moving into sales at age 42 Steve worked as a pre- and post-sales support specialist, project manager, professional services manager and national marketing manager. He worked with senior executives in a variety of industries, giving him broad business experience and an in-depth understanding of how senior executives think.

He has sold more than $100 million in software, services and hardware to senior executives in more than 30 countries, working with companies on the FTSE 100, ASX 100, NASDAQ, the Dow Jones and S&P 500

He has experience in distribution, manufacturing, retail, publishing, food & beverage, telecommunications, construction, health, law, government (local, state and federal), finance & insurance, technology, software, SaaS and many more.

Steve believes that Selling at C-Level isn’t easy... but it can be simple and salespeople can learn to sell effectively to executives and also enjoy the process.

Your opportunity to make a difference

Are you ready to to sell at a higher level and to get more meetings with senior decision makers?

Course Overview

The course is built around the PIRATE Framework and designed to be completed in 12 weeks
Content for each week has been created to give the right amount of information and learning to complete the Actions associated with winning business in real time

The training is intended to pay for itself many times over even on the first implementation!

PIRATE Framework


Plan - Set a strategy and commitment to sell at C-Level

Identify - Understand what is important to the organisation and who to target

Research - Prepare all necessary information to form a hypothesis to share

Approach - Decide on the best form of contact and use that to open dialogue

Talk - Prepare and manage the right kind of meeting to further discussion

Evolve - Follow up and take the next steps to do business together


Focus on the right message to the right person in the right company

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