Collaborative Selling Summit‚Äč

17th September 2021


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Online event for B2B sales professionals to inspire a modern approach to selling

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One Day LIVE Online Event

  • Are you involved in complex sales?

  • Are your sales of high value?

  • Are you responsible for the whole sales process?

  • Are you manager of a sales team?

  • Are you working with partners to win business?

10 hours of speakers

  • Ideas and answers to your sales questions

FREE 'goodie bag'

  • Tools and resources to improve your selling

Session recordings

  • Material available to ticket holders online forever
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Content curated to give insight to modern selling ‚Äč



Speakers and panelists chosen for valuable content



Free gifts to help you apply the thinking in real life

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Keynote Speaker – Collaboration at 300 mph‚Äč

Squadron Leader Zane Sennett‚Äč

  • As ‘Red 2’ RAF pilot Zane required the ultimate in collaboration from his colleagues to perform formation manoeuvres including flying directly at another jet with a combined speed of over 700 mph‚Äč
  • Collaboration is a prerequisite not just in the air but also with ground crew and the extended operational team‚Äč
  • Zane shares insights into life with the worlds premier aerobatic display team‚Äč

Think - Why Collaborative Selling?

  • The world of sales has changed‚Äč
    • Evolution and revolution has led to challenges for today’ s professional salesperson who is busier than ever but often using outdated and confused thinking
  • Today’s success is based on being:‚Äč
    • More focused and effective in selling activity‚Äč
    • More modern in approach and technique‚Äč
    • More aligned to own, organisational and customer goals
You can be part of the movement using modern thinking, tools and technology to make a difference in sales and be proud to move the profession forward in the modern era‚Äč
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All day event suitable for multiple time zones

(UK times)


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Learn - Guest Speakers

Speakers and panelists who have been chosen as their ethos and content is aligned to winning business in a modern and collaborative way

Fred Copestake‚Äč

  • Fred is an Author, Trainer and Consultant who over the last 22 years has worked in 36 countries with over 10,000 salespeople‚Äč. ‚Äč
  • He has taken some of the things that really make a difference in modern selling and put these in his book 'Selling Through Partnering Skills’ which form the basis of his work aligning B2B salespeople to address today’s modern selling challenges‚Äč ‚Äč‚Äč

Janice B Gordon‚Äč

  • Janice is a customer growth
    expert who will unlock hidden value in your sales operation through excelling your key customer relationships to create predictable sales revenue.
  • She challenges the commercial strategy focused on acquisition rather than on retention of existing customers as a flawed strategy and explores how to grow your most valued customers for the most profitable and productive results 


Mark Schenkius

  • As a buyer with almost 20 years of experience on the other side of the table Mark now uses his knowledge and expertise to help sales professionals. ‚Äč
  • This is his conscious decision. In recent years, power is increasingly shifting towards buyers. ‚ÄčWith his training and guidance, he wants to ensure more balance at the negotiating table. ‚Äč‚Äč

Alexander Low

  • Alexander is Head of Enterprise Strategy and Operations for Lately - the only social media management platform that creates content FOR you with the power of A.I.
  • He regularly talks about Employee Advocacy, Social Selling and 
    Content Marketing Strategy & Execution covering the what, why and how with a modern twist 

Mario Martinez Jr

  • Mario is CEO of Vengreso and a Modern Sales Evangelist. He is passionate about creating more sales conversations for B2B sales teams with digital selling training
  • Today’s modern buyer has changed the rules. Sales and marketing professionals must be aligned with understanding the buyer’s needs. They must meet the buyer in their digitally connected, socially engaged, mobile attached, video-hungry preferences. 

Suchi Pathak

  • Suchi is Co-founder & Chief Psychologist at Aptology
  • A business focused industrial psychologist she is passionate about leveraging the latest technology to enable people to thrive at work, and to make themselves and their organisations successful. 

Anita Nielsen‚Äč

  • Anita is a sales enablement consultant and sales performance coach with over 20 years experience in B2B Sales, Sales Support and Sales Enablement.  ‚Äč
  • She left corporate America and founded LDK Advisory Services because she felt there are far too many sales methodologies, training, and content with a 'one size fits all' approach that sets  sellers up to fail miserably.

Daniel Priestley

  • Daniel is Co-founder of ScoreApp which provides software to set up an online scorecard that generates a customised report based on how they answer questions.
  • He has an entrepreneurial background - building a multimillion-dollar business in his 20s - has written four best-selling books on business and leadership and spoken all over the world at leading conferences

James Muir‚Äč

  • James lives two lives - one as a bestselling author & keynote speaker, and the other as a sales leader for EssentialHub‚Äč ‚Äč
  • He has spoken for some of the biggest names in technology and healthcare. Combining the latest industry drivers with the most recent ideas and best practices James helps  organizations take sales performance to a higher level while remaining genuine and authentic to their value system.‚Äč ‚Äč‚Äč
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DoSupport for salespeople‚Äč

  • RESOURCE PACK Every participant will receive goodies to help them become more effective selling in today's environment
    • Partnering Skills (PQ) Self Audit‚Äč - Brindis
    • Collaborative Selling Scorecard‚Äč - Brindis
    • Video Selling Masterclass - Vidyard
    • Vidyard Pro 30 day trial - Vidyard
    • coaching chatbot‚Äč 3 month trial -
    • Classic Selling (Ebook) - Fred Copestake
    • Global Sales: A practical playbook on how to drive profitable growth for international sales and marketing leaders (Ebook) - Zach Selch
    • Run frictionless 4Qs Playbook - Anthony Coundouris
    • The KAM Club access all areas 14-day trial - The KAM Club 
    • The Saleperson's Procurement Black Box Guide - Armand Brevig
    • Problem Prospecting? - Completely eradicate your prospecting troubles by leading with problems (Selected chapter) - Richard Smith, Mark Ackers, Stuart Taylor 

    • Radical Value: How to take your company to the next level through radical customer centricity (Special author summary)  - Mark Boundy
    • Win more sales with less effort - How to choose the right proven way to sell (Guide) - Intenz
    • Get ready for future sales with the right sales methods - Mads Winther
    • Five full assessments - Sales Skills Audit
    • Que PASA Elevator Pitch Formula Guide (plus video) - Startup Hypeman

Thanks to these organisations supporting the event‚Äč‚Äč:


  • Konsalidon
  • SalesDriivn
  • Boxxstep


  • Sales Geek‚Äč
  • DealPoint
  • Sales Dojo
  • CSO Connected
  • Boxxstep
  • Remaster Media
  • UseBecause
  • TTC wetranslate
  • Sales Skills Audit
  • Rocky
  • The Growth Hub
  • Selling Through Partnering Skills Podcast
  • The Negotiation Club
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Making a difference

The Collaborative Selling Summit is about making a difference ‚Äč

  • For salespeople to help them be more successful by how they interact with customers‚Äč‚Äč
  • By salespeople as we seek to have a positive impact on the wider world‚Äč‚Äč
  • This is why the Summit supports two charities‚Äč
    • Help For Heroes was chosen by Zane as it is close to his heart‚Äč
    • B1G1 allows us to have impacts in a variety of ways aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals‚Äč‚Äč
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