Collaborative Selling Accelerator

Designed for professional B2B salespeople to develop a modern approach to winning business





Content + framework + platform to drive activity = sales results


Are you ready to increase your sales? 

Without evolving individuals and organisations will get left behind by those that do understand and act now

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Collaborative Selling Accelerator is built around the VALUE Framework

Validate - How to check fit for doing business 

Align - How we can work together 

Leverage - How to make a sales approach

Underpin - How to present, prove and agree

Evolve - How to develop the business 

We use Partnering Skills (PQ) to develop a collaborative mindset

Ability to trust. Do you give people your trust, or do they have to earn it? 

Comfort with change. Are you comfortable changing not just the status quo, but your own status quo?

Comfort with interdependence. Can you allow your partners to accomplish their assigned activities, even if they don’t do it the way you would?

Self-disclosure and feedback. Can you easily disclose and articulate your needs, as well as express your appreciation or disappointment?

Win-win orientation. Do you employ a problem-solving approach that creates wins for all concerned?

Future orientation. Do you look to the future rather than the past in evaluating your business relationships?

Accelerated Learning

Learning curve – the steeper the better because means faster time to results

Designed by professionals for professionals

What’s included?

Suitable for individuals and teams the materials have been developed to drive learning and activity that wins business IN REAL TIME

Learning Portal gives access to:

- Live vILT (virtual instructor led training) Sessions

- Live Hotseats account implementation

- Boxxstep buyer enablement platform

- VALUE Framework Digital Training

- Collaborative Selling Scorecard

- Rocky AI powered coaching chat bot

- PQ Self Audit

- Podcast special episodes

- 'Selling Through Partnering Skills' Book

Change by chance or chance to change…?