Why are you different?

Nov 17, 2023

"How can the way we sell set us apart?"

A modern take on selling today 

Important as so many people are essentially selling the same thing

(And kidding themselves their customers care about the 'differentiators' they offer)

🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 🟠

What YOU do can be the difference 

🔶 Care about what they care about 

Focus on understanding and addressing what really matters to the customer (instead of solely talking about products and services).

🔶 Collaborate 

Strive to work alongside the customer and become a valuable resource for them as they work things out

🔶 Think big picture value

Get to grips with the bigger picture and help the customer focus on their real needs. This can generate more value for both parties.

🔶 Enhanced visioning

Go beyond simply implementing the buyer's vision and take an active role in setting and improving their agenda.

🔶 Ch-ch-ch-changes

Embrace change and challenge the status quo together. Salespeople are change agents.

🔶 In the eye of the beholder 

Remember that value is subjective and can only be determined by understanding what it means to the customer.

Are you helping the customer to think?

In doing so are they thinking (feeling) "They get me"?

Are YOU the difference?

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