Who don't you know?

Dec 15, 2023

“Why do I need to know so many people in the customer organisation?” 

Research shows that speaking to around twelve people within an organisation is now considered average, indicating the importance of building relationships with multiple stakeholders. 

🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 🟠

Knowing multiple people within a customer organization allows you to gain a deeper understanding of their 

🔶 Needs 

🔶 Challenges

🔶 Decision-making processes

More relevant and valuable information about each individual, can increase your chances of success in the sales process 

Customers now spend less time interacting with suppliers, so it's crucial to focus on helping them navigate their purchasing process

Traditionally, salespeople focused on a single 'decision maker' but now more are involved in the decision-making process

This means that we need to consider the various stakeholders within the 'DMU' or Decision Making Unit 

While understand the DMUs, salespeople should find out 

🔸objectives, needs, wants, and key performance indicators (KPIs) of each person

🔸the influence that each individual has

🔸whether they are supportive or potentially hindering the sale 

By gaining insight into the DMU, salespeople can strategically tailor their approach and communication to effectively engage with all relevant parties 

Understanding DMUs and effectively managing them is essential for a collaborative sales approach 

It involves a combination of logical and emotional drivers at both the business and personal levels, and requires careful analysis, planning, and strategic action

🧡 Challenge yourself to connect with more people in each sales opportunity 🧡

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