Stuck in the past

May 02, 2024

Some salespeople are stuck in the past

Today adaptability is the key to success

Clinging to 'Olde Worlde' sales techniques is a sure way to lag behind

The era of salespeople being the loudest voice in the room, using technical jargon and outdated tactics is over

This approach not only alienates today’s more educated customers but also ruins potential meaningful connections

It doesn't work and they don't like it

Lets address this with

🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 🟠

How to sell with a modern touch

🔶 Flip your attention

- Immerse yourself in the customer’s world

- Understand their needs, challenges and aspirations.

- Make their agenda your priority

🔶 Follow a consultative approach

- Be the guide, not the hero of the story

- Identify your customers' real issues and show them how your solution fits into their narrative

- Stop pushing a one-size-fits-all answer

🔶 Focus on being effective

- Employ strategies and techniques that resonate with today's buyers

- Ditch the old school playbook in favour of what actually engages and converts in the modern market

- Think like a partner and act as one

Making these changes isn’t just about keeping up - it’s about leading the way

Move beyond the 'Olde Worlde' style of selling and into the present where understanding, respect and working together on solutions defines success

That's collaborative selling and the VALUE Framework will help you implement that

Does your approach reflect what works in sales today?

Do you want it to?

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