Skeleton outline for sales training

Nov 03, 2023

"Can you give me a skeleton outline for sales training?"

Better than that lets put some meat on the bones and look at the outcomes you can expect 

🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 🟠

The whole point of training is to drive results so the outcomes are important otherwise its just a load of information

Implementation > Information 

This is what the VALUE Framework drives

🔶 Collaborate

- Identification of historical sales best practice relevant today
- Understanding of best sales tactics to use
- Recognition of characteristics of ideal salesperson for industry
- Understanding own ‘partnering intelligence’ (PQ)
- Plan to develop own PQ
- Introduction to tools to support learning

🔶 Validate

- Profiling of accounts to spend time with
- Understanding and creation of value proposition
- Generation of prospecting/land and expand activity
- Development of email templates
- Appreciation of using video messaging

🔶 Align

- Prepare a plan to understand account
+ Define objective for sales growth
+ Map decision making unit
+ Conduct SWOT and MegaSWOT
+ Survey competitive landscape
+ Plan actions
- Refine value proposition (based on ‘Value Pyramids’)
- Consider market change drivers as potential for new business
- Begin to build ‘Personal Brand’ as go-to individual in the sector

🔶 Leverage

- Use structure to prepare and undertake effective meetings
- Develop questioning skills to facilitate better discussions
- Provide insight and perspective to help customers to think
- Understand the tools and techniques to sell virtually

🔶 Underpin

- Prepare more effective proposal documents
- Design more interesting and stimulating presentations
- Use visual aides more effectively
- Capture the power of story telling
- Position the customer as ‘hero’
- Develop messages to reduce fear, uncertainty and doubt
- Handle objections elegantly

🔶 Evolve

- Understand principles of negotiation
- Learn how to prepare to negotiate
- Trade variables to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes
- Develop a contact plan to strengthen relationships
- Use Quarterly Value Review to grow business

Big old skelington... but then effective B2B sales involves a big old effort

There are clever ways to roll this out so it isn't so scary

Indeed it's exciting as people sell while they learn

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