Sell more ethically

May 24, 2024

Can we really sell more acting 'ethically'?

Short answer... 

... yes!

It's what customers want

It's best practice 

Let's explore using 

🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 🟠

Understanding the components of Ethical Selling help us see how

Use the ETHICAL Framework to consider this

 🔶 Empathetic Communication

- Engaging in active dialogue to understand customer needs and wants.

🔶 Transparency and Integrity

- Operating with honesty and clarity, providing accurate information.

🔶 Holistic Value-Centric Approach

- Prioritising a way of working that focuses on customer value and desired outcomes.

🔶 Informed Decision-Making

- Ensuring customers can make decisions with the right information, respecting their autonomy.

🔶 Collaborative Relationship Building

- Thinking like a partner to build deeper and long-lasting customer relationships.

🔶 Adaptive Negotiation

- Approaching negotiations ethically and using flexibility to for win-win outcomes.

🔶 Learning and Growth

- Embracing continuous learning and developing a growth mindset to stay informed and improve.

These components can be aligned to whatever sales methodology or approach you currently use 

A 'principled power up' 

I will share how in the my next free workshop 

'Ethical Selling - Winning business by doing right'

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