Orange hat thinking!

b2b coaching customers email linkedin marketing outreach promotion prospecting sales selling video Apr 24, 2023
Orange hat thinking

I've been reflecting on things I hear from sales leaders I speak to and decided to apply some orange hat thinking to them

Its like a mix of the De Bono thinking hats to come up with practical solutions for sales (and how I create content for training)

(πŸ”Ά It also happens to be Brindis colour πŸ”Ά)

I'm going to apply it to 'Sales Director Dilemmas'

There are quite a few things I've noted over the 22 years I've been training and the projects I've been involved with in 36 countries

However there are few that are particularly relevant now

I'm hearing sales leaders say similar things to me

I will create a mini series of these over the next few weeks

First up will be

"I've tried getting the team doing more, but it's not making any difference apart from pissing everyone off... my people AND our customers"

Let me know if there is one you would like me to tackle


The six thinking hats is a method used to amplify creativity by making sure that a broad variety of viewpoints and thinking styles are represented.
It was developed by Dr. Edward de Bono

The six hats are:

βšͺ White: the objective hat, which focuses on facts and logic

πŸ”΄ Red: the intuitive hat, focusing on emotion and instinct

⚫ Black: the cautious hat, used to predict negative outcomes

πŸ’› Yellow: the optimistic hat, used to look for positive outcomes

🍏Green: the creative hat, where ideas are abundant and criticism spare

πŸ”΅ Blue: the hat of control, used for managing the process

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