Not More!?!

May 02, 2024

"All we do is product training! Help!!!"

You are not the only ones

Many companies are proud of what they do

But this energy can get directed in the wrong way

They want to shout out about their offer thinking it's attractive

This means they don't make the shift to the customer's perspective which is where the magic really happens

It can be tough habit to break as it's often quite deeply ingrained

Let's have a look at making the most of this with

🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 🟠

Use the training to think about what you need to sell

The VALUE Framework will help work out what ask to get some of the info required to do a good job selling with a customer focus

🔶 Validate - right opportunities

- What is our target market? Why?
- What is the problem we are solving?
- How important is it to them?

🔶 Align - right research

- What roles are being affected? How?
- What pressure is this putting them under?
- How do they try to fix it?

🔶 Leverage - right conversations

- What questions should we ask to get them thinking?
- What insights can we offer to stimulate?
- How will they most likely respond?

🔶 Underpin - right solutions

- What stories can we tell?
- What references have we got?
- How can we make them the hero?

🔶 Evolve - right results

- What can we do to ensure we deliver outcomes?
- What is our promise to them?
- How do we prevent ‘buyer remorse’?

If you can use the opportunity to get this type of information you will be in a much better position to hold the discussions that customers want (and need) today

Focus on problems rather than product

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