Let's talk ethical selling!

Oct 31, 2023

"What is Ethical Selling anyway?"

Something we should be talking more about for sure!

It's what customers want and by applying best practice helps us sell more

🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 🟠

I've been researching Ethical Selling for a little while and the best way to define it is perhaps

"Conducting sales and marketing activities in a morally principled and socially responsible manner. It involves practicing honesty, transparency, and integrity while focusing on the best interests of both the customer and the broader society.

Ethical selling goes beyond individual transactions and emphasizes building trust, promoting customer well-being, and contributing positively to the community and environment.

The focus is on upholding ethical standards in all aspects of the sales process, from product information and pricing to customer relationships and social impact."

But how can we implement it?

I've looked at the principles we can apply together with the sales techniques required and created the ETHICAL Model to act as a guide

This helps modern sales professionals focus on

🔶 Empathetic Communication:

- Engaging in active dialogue to understand customer needs and wants.

🔶 Transparency and Integrity:

- Operating with honesty and clarity, providing accurate information.

🔶 Holistic Value-Centric Approach:

- Prioritising a way of working that focuses on customer value and desired outcomes.

🔶 Informed Decision-Making:

- Ensuring customers can make decisions with the right information, respecting their autonomy.

🔶 Collaborative Relationship Building:

- Thinking like a partner to build deeper and long-lasting customer relationships.

🔶 Adaptive Negotiation:

- Approaching negotiations ethically and using flexibility to for win-win outcomes.

🔶 Learning and Growth:

- Embracing continuous learning and developing a growth mindset to stay informed and improve.

I'll be sharing more on this in the future as it fits very nicely with a hashtag#CollaborativeSelling approach

Currently the sales profession is not held in high regard by many including customers

Sadly they may be right in holding this opinion

Time to change

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