It's annoying people!

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Orange hat thinking

"I've tried getting the team doing more, but it's not making any difference apart from pissing everyone off... my people AND our customers"

Orange Hat series - Sales Director Dilemmas #1

With my orange hat on I'd say there are a number of things that can be done to address this

To keep it simple (and because I like alliteration) lets focus on
- Prepare
- Plan
- Process

- Get the team to adopt a 'partnering mindset' so they approach the sale in a more attractive way to customers. Be ready with a decent understanding of the issues they have and bring insights to help them think about it. Be aware of diving into solution mode too quickly

- Focus on the right kind of business. Be clear on your ideal customer and don't be afraid of 'qualifying out'. Think about what you are going to say in all contacts including emails, video, calls, meetings and even social media

- Work out the things that you need to do that actually make a difference and do them. Time and again. Be consistent. Be aware of making it self-centred and make sure it is helping customers on their journey rather than enforcing ways of working that suit you

Above all do something about it!

Hoping it will all change magically is not an option

If it is an issue now it will probably only get worse as the pressures of accelerated change we are all experiencing increase

You are not the only one who will be experiencing this, but will you be one that does something about it?

That will give an amazing opportunity for you and the team to stand out
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Why 'Orange Hat'?

The Six Thinking Hats is a method used to amplify creativity by making sure that a broad variety of viewpoints and thinking styles are represented.
It was developed by Dr. Edward de Bono

The six hats are:

βšͺ White: the objective hat, which focuses on facts and logic

πŸ”΄ Red: the intuitive hat, focusing on emotion and instinct

⚫ Black: the cautious hat, used to predict negative outcomes

πŸ’› Yellow: the optimistic hat, used to look for positive outcomes

🍏Green: the creative hat, where ideas are abundant and criticism spare

πŸ”΅ Blue: the hat of control, used for managing the process

I've taken the liberty of addling a new one

πŸ”Ά Orange: the hat of applied sales thinking, used to address real life challenges and drive results today


Remember selling today is all about
Good people
Doing good things
In a good way

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