Helping salespeople to change

Oct 31, 2023

"How can I help my sales team change?"

This is an area I see people struggle

A little bit ironic as we are often involved in selling change to customers

🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 🟠

To help your sales team embrace change:

🔶 Adopt a servant leadership mindset and provide support throughout the change process.

🔶 Recognize that change can be challenging and that people may react in different ways.

🔶 Plan for potential resistance or anger and continue communication and support.

🔶 Allow individuals to go through the natural stages of change, such as denial and making sense of things, without rushing the process.

🔶 Provide the necessary training and implementation schedules to help them adapt effectively.

🔶 Encourage your sales team to challenge the status quo and see change as an opportunity.

🔶 Help your team navigate the changing landscape by providing insights and ways of working that will benefit them.

🔶 Remind them that customers now have access to a lot of information, so focus on helping them with their buying process rather than solely pushing your products or services.

Doing thing differently and doing different things helps us stay current and relevant

Good luck!

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