Four for 2024

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Four things to consider for sales success in 2024.

Four for 2024.

First thing I would talk about would be having a solid sales framework, a decent structure. I use about the VALUE Framework for collaborative selling - Validate, Align, Leverage, Underpin, Evolve.

Thinking about the right people, the right message, saying the right things in the conversation, making the right proposal, doing the right things to develop the business. That’s one element for success that we need to be considering.

Now, the second element we would want to be thinking about is Selling with AI.

Artificial intelligence is here now, it's not going away. Salespeople not using this, are putting themselves at a serious disadvantage. Even just using free ChatGPT to help you with your thinking can make a huge amount of difference.

This can be aligned with solid use of sales framework to power that up and become way more effective in what it is that we're trying to achieve.

Another thing that a lot of salespeople will be looking at is how they engage more senior executives. How they are Selling at C-level.

Thinking about what plan do they have. Setting a strategy, so to commit to actually doing this job correctly. Identifying who it is that they need to be talking to. Getting the right amount of research done so that they can make an effective approach and think about how they talk in the initial short meeting leading into a longer meeting to really make a difference and evolve the whole process and open the door within the organization.

What I've just been through is the PIRATE Framework. (Plan, Identify, Research, Approach, Talk, Evolve) this can be combined with using AI to help that research element and to really power that up. It can make a salesperson way more effective than they would have been in the past. 

The C level approach can't really be undertaken without having a good solid basis in sales. Having that strong foundation and a way in which we can understand what good selling looks like today. The collaborative approach that the VALUE Framework brings that and together with the other elements and we really start to get quite a special salesperson.

Somebody who is going to stand out amidst all the noise because they're doing the right things.

That's three elements. The fourth element that I would include to sit all around this is thinking about how you can understand to make an ethical approach. Ethical Selling is something that customers are looking for. And when we look at the components of that, this is something that's best practice anyway.

I've talked about these in the elements I've already covered. The ETHICAL model is a way in which people can start to understand: Am I doing these things? What can I do to do them better? Because this approach will elevate me in the way in which I work.

Those for me are the four key elements that we would need to be looking at to make sure that we're equipped to be successful in 2024.

Four for 2024.

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