Do you know who is involved?

Oct 31, 2023

"How can I make sure we sell to all stakeholders correctly?"

Good question as there are now likely to be more people involved in decisions than ever before.

🟠 Orange hat thinking 🟠

To ensure you sell to all stakeholders (often referred to as the Decision Making Unit or DMU) consider the following:

🔶 Identify all stakeholders

Start by identifying all the individuals or groups who have a stake in the decision-making process.

This includes decision-makers, influencers, end-users, and any other relevant parties.

🔶 Understand their needs and priorities

Take the time to research and understand the challenges of each stakeholder.

This will help you tailor your sales approach and messaging to resonate with each individual or group.

🔶 Customise your value proposition

Based on your understanding of each stakeholder's needs and priorities, develop your value proposition.

Highlight how your product or solution addresses their specific issues and delivers value to them.

🔶 Communicate effectively

Use clear and concise language to effectively communicate the benefits and value of your offering to each stakeholder.

Adapt your communication style to meet the preferences and communication styles of each individual or group.

🔶 Address concerns and objections

Be prepared to address any concerns or objections raised by stakeholders.

Listen actively, empathise with their concerns, and provide relevant information or solutions to alleviate their doubts.

🔶 Build relationships and trust

Establish and nurture relationships with stakeholders by being reliable, responsive, and trustworthy.

Demonstrate your expertise and industry knowledge to gain their confidence and trust in your ability to deliver on your promises.

🔶 Provide ongoing support

Even after the sale, continue to provide support and assistance to stakeholders to achieve their results.

This helps build long-term relationships, ensures customer success and opportunities for repeat business.

Selling to all stakeholders requires a deep understanding of them

It's worth the effort to make sure the decision goes your way.

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