DIY Sales Training Framework

Feb 01, 2024

"What is sales training?"

It could be variety of things

🟠 Orange hat thinking 🟠

A couple of interpretations

🔸Teaching you how to cold call

🔸 Reinforcing a GTM strategy

🔸Working through the elements of a complex sale

Depends who you talk to

Some are naive

Some have an agenda

Some can be more objective

If you are thinking about sales training

- Define whats right for you

- Search for material around that

- Do something

There is tonnes of stuff out there that will help

(And people too 😉)

Due to the shifts in what's working best the salespeople that move with that will be ones that enjoy most success

🧡 On your own or with help if you are even thinking about it... act! 🧡

(If you fall into the 'complex' category check out the next Sales Today newsletter for some DIY tips)

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