Are your customers nervous?

Feb 01, 2024

"What makes customers nervous?"

Worth knowing as nervous customers are unlikely to act

🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 

Customers can become nervous for a variety of reasons

🔶 Insufficient information about the product or service

🔶 Fear of making the wrong decision

🔶 Frustration/anger about the need to change or adapt

🔶 Lack of clarity on how the product or service will meet their needs

It's important for salespeople to understand these concerns and address them effectively in order to help customers feel more confident and comfortable with their purchasing decisions

The key to this?

🧡 Make it about them 🧡

Whenever a salesperson is being self centered and blathering on about themselves, their company, their product - the customers mindset isn't right for decision making

Adopting a collaborative selling approach is how to avoid this

Use something like the VALUE Framework

🔸Validate = right opportunities

🔸Align = right research

🔸Leverage = right conversation

🔸Underpin = right solution

🔸Evolve = right outcomes

'Thinking like a partner' is at the core of a modern sales approach 

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