Are you a rat?

May 02, 2024

Some salespeople are like rats

Rats on a wheel

Ever feel like you're always running but not getting anywhere?

That's the 'Busy Busy Busy' trap

It's when you're doing a lot but not really hitting your targets

It means stress goes up, energy goes down

And the real work that makes a difference gets lost

Let's address it with

🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 🟠

Here’s how to beat 'Busy Busy Busy':

🔶 Prepare

- Get ready to jump on the good chances that come your way
- Know what you're looking for so you can grab it when you see it
- Have messages and material that communicate you understand the customer

🔶 Plan

- Keep work balanced and under your control
- A good plan helps keep the load manageable so you can think clearly
- In turn you can help the customer think better and make sense of their issues

🔶 Process

- Pick the right activities to focus on
- Understand what will help you and the customer progress together
- Some things matter more than others so work on them

Changing from just being busy to really getting things done can make a huge difference

It means less stress and more wins

It's about doing the important stuff well, not just doing a lot of stuff

Make your busy count

Focus on what really moves us forward

Perhaps a cliche but work smarter, not just harder

A collaborative selling approach using the VALUE Framework will help you do this

It's a holistic approach to selling not just looking at one element (full cycle)

We obsess about that because it makes a difference

Should you?


'Busy Busy Busy' is one of the main challenges salespeople today

The others are 'Olde Worlde' and 'Muddled Mindset'

I will cover these in future 🟠 Orange Hat Thinking 🟠 posts

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